Spammy Structured Markup Penalty & Recovery

Recover from Rich Snippets Data Spammy Penalty following a 5 step guide

You have been hit by Google's Rich Snippets Data Spammy Penalty? Don't panic, although these are not pleasant news to any webmaster, there are a few reasons why this type of Manual Action Penalty is a lot better then Algorithmic Penalty. Looking at the names of penalties you can see that Manual Actions are triggered manually by someone from Google Webmaster Team as oppose to Algorithmic Penalty which is triggered by an algorithm. If you get hit by Manual Action you have the opportunity to present your efforts in making your website aligned with Google Guidelines through Google Search Console. Getting hit by Algorithmic Penalty is a lot more dangerous because you will not receive notifications why your site was hit. Digging into reasons for an Algorithmic Penalty can be a very complicated and costly process that can take some serious work and time.


Why use Rich Snippet - Structured Data?

Many of our clients use structured data to improve SERP CTR, show extra info like product price or ratings to visitors in SERP,... Our clients can see direct benefits of showing additional data in SERP (increased CTR, showing lower prices that competition, making the product or service stand out with great reviews), but from Seo point of view, Structured Data is very important because it helps Bots to better understand the website. If implemented correctly, structured data can make your site perform a lot better, even with the same content you already have. We will not go deep into all the benefits structured data can bring to a website, instead we will bring the best way to deal with Rich Snippet Penalties.


Can we expect traffic loss after being hit by Structured Markup Penalty?

It depends on the reasons why your site was hit, but from our experience getting hit by a Spammy Structured Markup Penalty can result in direct traffic loss (there could also be some small drops caused by lower CTR due to removal of snippets from SERP).


Recover from Spammy Structured Markup Penalty in 5 Steps!

  1. Check Structured Data report in your Google Search Console.

    Navigate to Search Appearance in Google Search Console, and check Structured Data and Rich Cards. If there are any Items with Errors dig deeper and try to find if that errors could be the reason why your web does not align with Google Guidelines.

  2. Use Google Structured Data Testing Tool for testing.

    Check all the suspicious content with Structured Data Testing Tool. This tool will help you in most cases, especially if you have syntax or logic errors.

  3. You covered steps 1 and 2 but found nothing that could cause a penalty?

    This is the most demanding part of the recovery process. If you have no errors or ideas what has caused the penalty we strongly recommend investigating the official Google Structured Data Guidelines and implementation of Structured Data. After reading the documentation organize a meeting with your development team and start looking for anything that is not 100% aligned with Structured Data Guidelines.

  4. How to write a reconsideration request?

    Considering you found the reasons for the penalty and documented every part of the process you went through in making your site align with the Structured Data Guidelines, you can start writing a reconsideration request. The request should include a quick intro of your business, detailed info about every action you did to make your website align to Structured Data Guidelines and a note about the professional Seo agency you hired for helping you do these changes.

  5. Submit a reconsideration request.

    Double check with your development team that every change is published on your website and you are ready to submit a reconsideration request in Google Search Console.


How long does it take for a reconsideration request to be processed?

There is no defined timeline but you can expect your site to be reviewed in several weeks (we have seen anywhere from a week to several months). After Google reviews your site, you will receive a message with the outcome of your request.


What if we have not recognized and removed all the reasons for a penalty?

If you have described all the effort you took to identify and resolve the problems in the reconsideration request, Google Webmaster Team will probably let you know if there are some other problems you should resolve.


If you think recovering from Spammy Structured Markup Penalty is overwhelming and you need professional guidance in detecting problems and writing a reconsideration request, feel free to DROP US A NOTE.

Recover from Spammy Structured Markup Penalty with Ranklio


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